A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The game was designed for 2021's Global Game Jam with the theme of Lost and Found. We set out to create an isometric shooter with a story about a boy who lost his Teddy Bear. What we ended up with was a deep narrative where the player is playing Timmy as if they were young and imagining themselves being read the story about the real Timmy from their parents.


Programmer, Producer, Writer, UI Animations : Jonathan Carlson
UI Art Assets, 3d Characters, Rigging, Animation, Art Director: Makayla Hicks
Level Design, and Level Concepts : Thomas Parker
3D Environmental Assets and Textures: Sydney Willis
3D Enviormental Assets and Textures: Brittany Whelihan
Voice Acting: James Belair


GameJamBuild.zip 366 MB
GameJamOSX.zip 370 MB

Install instructions

-For Windows-
1) Download game zip

2) Unpack game zip

3) Double click and run game exe

4) Enjoy

-For MAC-

1) Download game zip

2) Unpack game zip

3) Control-click and select open to play

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